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Today, I had my Zumba class as usual. Casually dressed in my fitness attire, I was going through the different routines to the beats of Salsa, Merengue and Bollywood. It was just another ordinary day, just another lesson in the week. Suddenly there was a huge downpour and as I looked outside the window, I felt a strong urge to go outside. Flashes of my childhood, getting soaked in the first rain, experiencing the little drops of joy fall on my bare hands, splashing in the little puddles, were right in front of me. I waited for the class to get over and asked a friend if she would like to get wet. Many of the other women looked at us and started laughing. They did not believe we would do that. But soon my friend and I were out in the rain, with our closed umbrellas, mobile phones secured in our bag, facing the tiny drops with the same excitement as a little child. We were soaked and as we walked towards our home, we shared stories of what we would do in the rain. People looked at us with surprise, obviously wondering why we weren’t opening our umbrellas and every look filled us with more excitement. Finally I reached home all drenched, took a hot shower and sat down for my lunch. I was happy – my eyes were bright with excitement and a beautiful smile lit my face.

I wondered why I didn’t do this often. With the daily chores and managing work, home and kids, somewhere I seem to have lost myself. I can see lot of women around me relate to the same. They didn’t even realize that they stopped doing things which feeds their soul or just makes them happy because there is always some deadline to be met at work, meals to be planned at home, a kid’s project or an exam which takes priority over that book you wanted to read, or the movie you wanted to see or just having a good laugh with your kids. As mothers and wives, every day we happily give up one little wish and slowly forget ourselves, our identity and what really defines us.

To be truly happy and in touch with yourself, take a break, sign up for that class that you always wanted to do, go out with your friends or just get wet in the rain. Please let yourself bloom, reclaim yourself. You and only you can make yourself happy.

So, just be YOU.




Shilpi Anjoo lives in Mumbai and is a Software Engineer by profession. She has worked in the IT industry for more than 14 years. A mother of two, she is an avid reader and has a great passion for dance. She also loves to travel and try out different cuisines.

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