Chinhita Bose

Chinhita Bose is an HRM Practitioner, with rich and diverse experience in effective handling of people and processes. Chinhita means the ‘marked one’ or the ‘chosen one’. She would describe herself as an English Enthusiast and an HRM Zealot. She attributes her achievements to her natural tenacity than to her talents. She has grown up hearing the self sacrificing and courageous tales of her maternal grandfather who was part of the mainstream radical movement of Indian freedom struggle. She holds a Master Degree in English Literature and Language from Jadavpur University, an MBA in Human Resource Management from IISWBM and EPHRM from IIM Calcutta. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, writing, graphology, swimming and practicing mixed martial arts. Swimming has been her childhood passion as it has helped her to conquer the fear of water, test the power of endurance, only to increase it and develop her into a stronger individual. She resides in her favourite city Kolkata.


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