A Story of Convenience

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Vinisha Gupta

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Convenience! A word we all love. We struggle on a daily basis to bring ease and daily comforts to our family. This fight for convenience is sometimes appreciated, often condemned.

Anamika worked 10 to 6, 5 days a week. She had deadlines to meet, was mommy to a little one, who stayed in daycare during work-hours, and needed her parents’ love and attention when they were reunited in the evening; had the daily vegetable and grocery shopping to do before making dinner, etc. The list was never ending. Anamika thought of hiring a cook to make her life better — she could take that time out of the kitchen and dedicate it to the baby, husband and of course, her own self ( not in any particular order). But as soon as the thought was articulated, the usual family drama ensued. You are not a good wife, a good mother. You want to go out and work but not cook food for your family. Anamika wondered why she was less of a wife and a mother by not cooking, but she just kept quiet over the phone call from her in-laws. She let them say what they wanted, she was trying to make her life a little better, what was wrong with that?

She finally decided to hire one. (Yes, Anamika was not the ‘ideal, dedicated’ Indian Bahu, she went with what she thought right). Sarla, the cook came to her rescue. She had the fairly common life story of a late husband who had been a drunkard and died due to a damaged liver, two teenaged daughters, a six year old son and an old but helpful mother-in-law who had always supported her from the time the son had gone.

Anamika considered that the cooking arrangement would be a relief for Sarla, too. She could support her family, get her children educated and stand on her own feet. She hired her and informed Sarla that if she liked her food, she would spread word of her skills and get her as much work as possible. Sarla looked relieved and said “I would be grateful to you“. She assured Anamika,”There will be no complaints with my work, I’m sure! Just tell me a little about your taste buds and I shall pick things up in no time and feed you with love.”

As promised, things settled down in a few days and Anamika’s family relished every morsel of the food. Sarla came to work at 7 in the morning and then again at 7 in the evening. The family had an extra two hours together that Anamika earlier was forced to invest in the kitchen. Now, Sarla was working in five houses and making a fair amount of money that went towards an improved life for her family.

Just by investing something, many lives were benefitted. Anamika had bought herself some more family time, relaxation and convenience. What she gave to Sarla was employment: a new life, an identity, an introduction to many other employers; which meant additional money for her family. Education became possible for her children, home infrastructure upgraded, the old mother-in-law could visit a better doctor for her ailments.

In Anamika and Sarla’s case, a little need for convenience went a long way. How has convenience made your lives better?




Vinisha, 30 aspires to leave a mark on this world (of course, a positive one) before turning into ashes. She is an avid reader and a blogger. Her husband is her biggest motivation who always encourages her to keep smiling .Writing is a form of meditation to her and she loves to write a lot about women in form of short stories, poetry or just a small write up. Her love for penguins has grown over the past few years which has added a new dream in her wish list to see the penguins live one day.

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