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Jai Shruthi

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It was a fine afternoon and little Ali was in the park, swinging all by himself. He was a frequent visitor but, only when the park was deserted. Other kids seemed uncomfortable playing with him. Ali did not mind them he was used to being invisible. He loved to sit back and observe the world around him. Nobody could stop him from doing that. “I should bring Ayesha here tomorrow”, he thought to himself “She will love it!”

Plop! A raindrop fell on his nose. He looked up just in time to see Mr. Sun wink at him and wave a goodbye from behind the dark rain clouds.  Ms. Tree in a good mood seemed to sway to the tune of Mr. Wind. Her green-leaved gown rustled around her in a twirl. Mr. Swing swayed back and forth while Little Miss Merry-go-round went for a spin! Mr. Thunder rumbled from above and Ali realized he had to rush home.

As he ran towards the gates, he could smell the fresh earth. No matter how hard life was, Ali loved rain. Rain was nature’s way of giving everyone a bath. It made everything squeaky clean and fresh. He ran as fast as his little feet could, he had to get home before the downpour. Just as he was about to cross the road, something caught his attention: a huge plastic bag which was Ayesha’s favorite kind.

His friends were busy making paper boats. As much as he wanted to join them, he told himself; paper boats can wait. He gave them a quick wave and ran along. The heavenly whiff of samosa welcomed Ali as he neared his house. Flies and people thronged the samosa stall near his house. Ali had himself never tasted one. However, from his keen observations, he had concluded that rain and samosas were made for each other. One was incomplete without the other.

“Bhai!” squealed Ayesha and ran towards her brother. Her eyes lit up when she saw what he was holding. Her bhaiya always brought her a gift. “Ali?” a feeble voice called as persistent coughs consumed it. Ali ran to his mom, little drops of rain sparkling like diamonds on her hair. She looked like a queen to him. If only she was not sick, he wished. This “newmommia” was killing her. He helped her sit up on a piece of cardboard and dragged her over to the building from their spot on the pavement. She was too weak to move and Ali was too small to carry her. He covered her in plastic sheets and let her rest under the staircase. Hari kaka, the building’s guard was kind enough to let them take shelter under the stairs whenever it rained. It had started to drizzle by now. Ali ran to collect the few belongings that they had on the pavement. Ayesha tagged along helping her big brother.

 Ali was just about to doze off when little hands nudged him. Ayesha looked all set to step out in the rain in her new raincoat. The plastic bag read Hunky-Dory behind her. She looked expectantly at him, holding up some waste paper. Time to set sail. The puddle outside was just about the right size, so off they went to imaginary lands on their paper boats slaying monsters and saving the world. Suddenly, Ali stood still and sniffed the air. Hari Kaka stood in front of them holding a plate of samosas! “Samosas, anyone?” he asked with a smile. What a beautiful day it was today, little Ali thought to himself smiling.




Witty and humorous, Jai Shruthi, is an aspiring writer. She has been a professional dancer for 6 years and after dabbling in graphic design for awhile, she found her place in event management. She is currently a happy-stay-at-home Mum of two adventurous boys. She is also the founder of Shruts Handmade Stuff, a small online venture where she showcases her handmade designs. When she isn't busy with any of the above, she loves to sit back and relax with a good movie, language no bar. A dancer by soul, designer by mind and a mommy by heart, she loves to explore and expand her creative horizons.

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