2016 – The year that was – or maybe wasn’t?

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Sarba Basu

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Each year begins and ends with two things with certainty; It starts with a new year resolution and it ends with a recap of the how the year went by.

For me, it has always been a case of “the year that wasn’t”; A string of resolutions made and broken. Probably ‘broken’ wouldn’t be the right word. A list of New Year resolutions is merely wishful thinking, which never comes even close to reality. So, yes, this year was no different as well. It wasn’t a year of achieving all those resolutions made in January, but like every year consisted of a cocktail of events with the right blend of emotions.

2016 was a year of the firsts: the first year of marriage, the first change in my job in a five-year long career and the realisation of having grown old for the first time in 29 years. In terms of change, this was definitely power packed! However, it felt no different from any other year. Twelve months is too long a period to have the same opinion consistently through and through. Time is always good AND bad.

The first quarter was all about weddings in the city of joy. When your friends attend your wedding, it brings along a huge pressure on you to return the courtesy. Bengali food, bright silk sarees, selfies with big bindis and finger-licking yummy winter sweets! Pretty much a great start to the year (only if I ignored the pain I went through to obtain multiple leave approvals at my workplace for these umpteen trips to my hometown). Once I finally managed to settle back after these crazy back-to-back weddings, I realised my newly wedded life needed a kick start with a home and not just a house with three rooms. Then began the next set of crazy trips; this time to shopping malls. When you enter a mall and ignore the Apparel section and head straight to the Home and Lifestyle section, you know you are officially committed to your marriage! All my ideas of a dream home were spread across 4 months of sorting, browsing and finally buying and placing various items of home decor and utility appliances all over the house. At the end of this phase, my moderate 2 BHK ended up looking like a lamp shop.

Summer was as usual hot with a listless feeling and a few trips here and there. August has always had a special place in my year, not because of the monsoons or patriotic sentiments, but because August 15th usually brings along a ‘long weekend’, which implies a road trip. This time too all my friends managed to co-ordinate and arrive at the ultimate Indian beach destination – Goa. Ten people bringing along ten different things to the table may not have resulted in a fruitful trip but nevertheless, was fun.

The last four months always go by in a haze: birthdays (own and extremely close friends’), festivals (one too many) and the best month of the year (December). Amidst all these happy times, I tend to feel alone, suddenly realising that the year has almost concluded, implying that I no longer have time to do the things I promised myself I would do at the start. I no longer have the time to procrastinate and the feeling of depression starts to set in. The last day always ends in a high and a lot of unnecessary tears shed are which are a mix of both happy sentiments and love for friends. Each year is exactly the same and I guess the best part is finding that perfect balance of simple happiness and everything else that is complicated.

So this time before I begin with those action items for 2017, I will go a little easy on myself. No, I won’t stop making resolutions because I really do need something positive to always keep motivating me, but this time around I won’t expect too much out of the resolutions and will keep up the faith.





My name is Sarba Basu and I work as a Business Analyst with a consulting firm.Reading has led me to love the art of writing as well and here goes one such attempt.

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